Finances on your mind?

Working Capital Finance

Are you looking to expand your business, boost working capital, or simply survive through COVID-19?

Apart from the Government loan incentives, there are other very effective ways to increase the cash flow through your business.

Without traditional bricks and mortar security, some alternatives to a bank overdraft, could be:

  • Debtor Finance

  • Trade Finance

  • Supply Chain Finance

  • Cash Flow Finance Loans

Debtor Finance uses your tax invoices as security. It is flexible, and a stand-alone form of finance. It’s quick to set up and draw down on - get 80% funding against your tax invoices within 24 hours. There are different options and variations within this form of finance and it is important to get it right for your requirements.

Trade Finance is a revolving Line of Credit to pay your suppliers - international or domestic – and paid on shipment of your goods which may allow for some price negotiation with suppliers. You can then choose to pay the funder over 30, 60, or 90 days to suit your cash flow or manufacturing process.

Supply Chain Finance is a variation of Trade Finance. It allows your supplier to choose an earlier payment date, normally at a discount. Suppliers upload invoices and advise when they want payment. You are then notified of this request for payment. They get paid, and you can then select the required term to repay the funder over say 30, 60, or 90 days.

Cash Flow Finance is also quick, stand alone, and without security. It is seen as a short term funding mechanism repayable over 6-24 months. However, it can be redrawn as you repay the loan. Very beneficial to boost normal cash flow for business growth or expansion … whether purchasing extra stock, hiring additional staff, marketing campaigns, managing expenses, technology upgrades, fit-outs or renovations … this is a great way to inject some cash.

Access to cash and structuring your working capital cycle appropriately is particularly important for a growing business. We are here to help you grow your business and find a solution to suit your particular needs.